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Mpact makes things better for mission-driven initiatives, individuals, and organizations through coaching, strategic partnerships, and learning experiences.



The most impactful part of
your mission is... YOU.


Where YOU are

in the current season of life personally + professionally

Who YOU are

your convictions and core values.

Where YOU want to be

direction + intention + vision

Do you have a venture or idea that you’re ready to build, but don’t know where or how to start?

Are you listening to fear and talking yourself out of starting your own business / growing your business?

What are you led by? Do you have a vision for your personal and professional aspirations?

Do you struggle to believe you can/should be paid for your skills?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, Mpact can help you.


The most impactful part of your mission is...PEOPLE.



inspiration + purpose that drives the mission


Targeted end-users and their specific needs and opportunity to inform the mission


The spirit of culture that creates belongingness and supports your team's ability to live out the mission

Does everyone in your organization know the “why” behind the mission?

Has the impact of the mission been measured qualitatively and quantitatively to prove effectiveness?

Are teams within your organization diverse across perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences?

Is the mission addressing the pain points and needs of users?

Have levels of decision making been established and transparently communicated to key stakeholders?

Are relationships meaningful and collaborative across the entire organization?

Is there a felt sense of belonging within your organizational culture that values unique differences?

Do you provide professional development that taps into the personal growth and needs of your team members?

If you answered NO to one or more of the above questions, Mpact can help you.

What Mpact Does

Mpact asks the pointed questions to take execution and relationship-building to the next level. Mpact Consultancy LLC works to strengthen the execution of mission-driven initiatives, individuals, and organizations through coaching, consulting, professional development, and content creation. Mission-driven work is in service to others. People are central to achieving mission and reaching intended outcomes. Mpact works to deeply understand the “WHY” that drives mission-centered work to ensure systems, processes and relationships are aligned and able to yield results.



When beginning this partnership, it was even hard to call myself an entrepreneur. I felt very timid and scared of this path, and I became overly concerned with how I would basically support myself. Mpact has allowed me space both professionally and emotionally to evaluate the root of where these beliefs come from and to examine how they may be blocking my own blessings.

Emily Griswold

Founder/CEO 11:11 Wellness

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With Mpact You Will...

Strategically diversify your current business model, service and content to increase the Mpact of your mission

Engage in learning experiences that address the personal and professional needs of teams and individuals

Receive superior service, precise execution, and meaningful engagement

Work with someone who cares deeply about people and celebrates differences and diverse lived experiences

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A Partnership You Can Rely On

Intentional. Thoughtful. IMpactful.

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