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1:1 Strategic Visioning + Coaching


You spend a significant amount of time and energy investing in others and building your business + brand.

Who’s cultivating your vision and sharpening the way you think + execute? You may have a business idea you feel led to launch, but don't know how to take the next step. You deserve someone who offers purposeful guidance, expands your perspective, brainstorms ideas, holds you accountable, and reminds you of your greatness.


I’ll help you fortify your vision through:

Genuine + authentic partnership

Encouragement  + radical candor

Goal setting + Personal Visioning

Robust resources + methods of engagement

Problem-solving and finding

Interactive application of learning + High-quality content

Active practice and continuous feedback

With Mpact you will:

Create a one-year vision for your personal and business aspirations

Understand and articulate your unique value proposition

Build confidence and trust in who you are and what you have to offer

Strategically diversify your current business model, service and content to increase the Mpact of your mission

Develop/Enhance your service/product model and funding structure

Intentionally establish/enhance business infrastructure, clientele, content, and revenue 

Action plan and execute steps towards your vision

Set intentions with accountability towards your mission

Boost teaming and collaboration by valuing human capital

Learn, be pushed, evolve and multiply Mpact


Do it Scared

Your business is waiting on you.

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