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Mpact Services

Strengthen the execution of mission-driven initiatives and individuals striving to multiply their impact for a greater good.

Why Mpact

How do you define and measure Mpact? Let Mpact Consultancy LLC coach you in achieving goals by targeting your most valuable capital resource, the people you work with, and are in service for. An organizational culture that values psychological safety and belonging will outlive any strategic plan.

What are your core values? Are they aspirational or exemplified in reality?  Would you like to uncover your core beliefs and amplify your purpose in the way you live, lead, and support others? Mpact Consultancy LLC can guide you, your team, and organization through coaching and workshop based experiences to solidify your personal brand. Leadership is a primary function of who you are. Your ability to be Mpactful relies on your character, belief, and behavior. What you do today has the power to shape your destiny.

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Multiply Mpact


Do your teammates + employees + end-users feel valued? Does your organization foster a sense of belonging and equity in policy, practice, and operating culture?


Your greatest asset and liability are the people who work with you. The combination of felt accountability + psychological safety and belongingness are key levers to multiply Mpact. Mpact Consultancy will dissect your operating culture to identify opportunities and threats and strategize with discernment. Mpact designs and facilitates learning spaces that support challenging conversations and co-developing practices that support diverse stakeholder groups.

1:1 Vision & Coaching

You spend a significant amount of time and energy investing in others and building your business + brand. Maybe you're spending time thinking about a business idea you feel led to launch but don't know where to begin. Who’s cultivating your vision and sharpening the way you think + execute? You deserve someone who offers purposeful guidance, expands your perspective, brainstorms ideas, holds you accountable, and reminds you of your greatest. 

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Mission Driven Initiatives

Mission-centered projects, initiatives, and ventures deserve intentional collaboration and precise execution. Mpact Consultancy LLC offers customized professional development, content creation, moderation, project planning, and design + marketing consultation in support of mission-driven endeavors.

A Partnership You Can Rely On

Intentional. Thoughtful. IMpactful.

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