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Purpose-Filled Mpact


“Iron Sharpens Iron”
Strengthen the execution of mission-driven initiatives, individuals, and organizations striving to multiply Mpact for a greater good.

Guiding Principles

Leadership begins with character 

Write the vision and make it plain, so that the one who reads it will run

Beliefs shape behavior

You can’t take a Big step with Small Vision

Design and create with those who are directly impacted by your product, service, and mission

Grad Pic With Mama
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I am Mikel Brand Oliver, owner and principal consultant of Mpact Consultancy LLC.

Everything I do is rooted in valuing people, especially those who have historically been marginalized and denied value.  People are not merely defined by what they do, but by the convictions, beliefs, and lived experiences that add to the richness of who they are. I believe relationships are paramount to accomplish any mission and creating space to value our collective differences is essential to multiplying impact.  Who you are, is what your business, venture, project, and initiative will be. Multiplying Mpact starts from the inside out. 

Mpact was founded to strengthen the execution and outcomes of mission-centered work. I'm grateful to work with dynamic entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and organizations, across sectors, on their quest to do well and good- through coaching, consulting, customized professional development and partnerships. 


My journey of mission-driven Mpact was sharpened during the thirteen years I served in Public Education as a teacher, instructional engineer of mathematics, and founder of an identity affirming initiative for Black Males in Southeast, DC called The Boys Institute. I have a Master's degree in School Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education that catalyzed my work as a consultant.  I bring meaningful relationship building, user-centered design principles, courage, leadership, excellence, and precision to every project and the clients I work with. 

If you're striving for Mpact, I'd love to join!

Work With Me

Through intentional coaching and consulting, active and engaging professional development and strategic partnerships I help individuals and teams deliver on their mission and intended outcomes with precision and Mpact.

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