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Do your teammates + employees feel valued? Does your organization foster a sense of belonging in policy, practice, and operating culture? Is the bottom line worth more than those on the front line? Would you work for YOU?

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Your greatest asset and liability are the people who work with you. The combination of belonging, felt accountability and psychological safety are key levers to multiply Mpact. You need a problem solver to help dissect your operating culture to identify opportunities and threats, and strategize with discernment to develop strategies that meet internal and external needs and outcomes. 


I’ll help you multiply Mpact by:

Synthesizing operational culture by focusing on the informal and formal social systems that exist within the organization/team

Identifying ways to create, develop and maintain equitable culture

Unpacking levels of decision making that disrupt impact and effectiveness

Extracting opportunities to maximize human capital

Concretizing belonging, felt accountability + psychological safety with internal teams and external partners

With Mpact you will:

Refine/establish your organizational "why" in collaboration with key stakeholders

Strengthen mission impact and effectiveness by understanding the core needs of users through empathy mapping

Lean into discomfort with care and intentionality

Creatively strategize ways to add value to mission execution

Assess organizational culture + belongingness through SWAT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis and targeted action steps

Create methods to measure the effectiveness of mission impact 

Dissect policies, practices and procedures that perpetuate inequality

Develop professional development experiences that address personal and professional needs of teams and individuals

Examine current levels of decision making and take inventory of what voices and perspectives are absent or limited


Your Mission Is Valuable

Mpact can help you maximize outcomes.

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